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It is believed that Chikankari originated in *Chikan*, a village in the *Koh Mehr* District of Persia. The artisans of this art were employed by *Noor Jehan*, herself a connoisseur of this art form. The art flourished in the *Mughal harems in Delhi*. After the downfall of the Mughal empire, the progeny of these artisans migrated to *Lucknow* and settled there under the patronage of the *Awadh kings*. Today, it continues to flourish in and around Lucknow. This kind of hand embroidery is not done anywhere else in the world. *Chikankari* is an art form of hand embroidery with as many as *32 different types of stitches* done with mostly using cotton thread. However, in today’s times, even art silk threads are also widely being used to embroider intricately beautiful floral motifs.

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Saurabh Agarwal - CEO & Founder

The Chikankari Story

We at The Chikankari Story, endeavor to promote the Chikankari art form and make it available to patrons across the globe. We take great pride in our association with our patrons spread out in over 30 countries and the list continues to grow continually.
We also strive to support the community Chikankari artisans by eliminating the role of the cartel of middlemen. Who otherwise try to exploit the artisan community.
We continuously try to reinvent ourselves by creating new designs in Chikankari that range from traditional to contemporary. At a given point in time. we make over 250 designs in women’s Chikankari ethnic wear stitched kurtas apart from making many designs in bottom wear, dupattas, unstitched kurtas & suit sets, and sarees. We can also customize designs as per the requirements of our patrons. Our unit is in a village near Lucknow and our office and finishing unit are in New Delhi.

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